An ontology for wireless network nodes, version 0.1

Embedded in this document is an OWL ontology for wireless network nodes - to see it, view the source. It was constructed along the lines of the notes on the Wireless Ontology page on ESW. There is an example of this ontology in use.

If your browser is not CSS-capable, a mess of words will appear below. This is because the RDF uses the property element style rather than the property attribute style, and as a result can't be embedded invisibly into HTML - it's hidden here with CSS.

Contributors: Matt Biddulph, Schuyler D. Erle, Nick Gibbins, Earle Martin, Jo Walsh, Matt Westervelt.

0.1 Ontology for Wireless Nodes An ontology for describing wireless networks. Node a wireless node Antenna the node's antenna Interface one of the node's interfaces Status status information for the node nodeName the name of the node Connection the node's type of connection to the internet Owner the owner of the node Admin the administrator of the node machineType the node's machine type upSince the date and time the node became active capability the capability of a node's interface (e.g. AP, NoWEP) hasInterface a reference to a node's interface hasAntenna a reference to a node's antenna CoverageArc arc of coverage of the node's antenna antennaType the type of the node's antenna gain the gain level of the node's antenna essid the Extended Service Set Identity of the interface type the type of the interface linkLayer the link layer of the interface subnet the subnet of the interface rate a data transfer rate supported by the interface gatewayMode the gateway mode of the interface loginTimeout the login timeout value of the interface idleTimeout the interface's idle timeout value of the interface AccessType type of access to the interface EncryptionType the type of encryption used by the interface meshesWith a reference to other nodes meshing with the node