wot 0.1

This document contains embedded x/rdf statements defining and describing the wot vocabulary, a vocabulary for signing and assurance of RDF documents. This is intended for machine consumption. Humans might find the RDFWeb.org documentation more useful right now. All this needs rationalising. --danbri

The general overview provides some background on the RDFWeb system. An RDFViz graphical representation of this namespace is also available. An example document is at http://rdfweb.org/~pldab/rdfweb/danbri.wot.rdf. Note that the RDFWebRing system can make use of a number of RDF vocabularies. The foaf vocabulary provides some basic useful concepts for use by RDFWebg.

Note: These URIs don't current redirect to the schema document (ie. this one), nor do we yet reflect into human-readable XHTML the definitions for the WOT properties and classes.



see also: schema signature